Friends From Afar

Planning Setup

Greetings Dear Friends,

Stats: Jen mentioned an 82 point system to me, and I kinda like the sound of that, so that’s what we’re gonna go with. (D&K, since you’ve already genned some chars with D6s, just adjust the stats to 82 total points).

Money Stuff: Use the DMG table (2700GP). You all also have Cold Weather Outfits as my gift to you, as our story takes place in the cool, northerly, mountain village of Azurestone.

Special info on Skills: All skills are to be counted as ‘Class Skills’ (as in you spend a point, you get a rank, not a half rank). Your class’s ‘Class Skills’ all get a +2 bonus (my buddy Steve uses this system, and it’s made out of win).

Setting/Scene info: Azurestone is a small, but prosperous mining village nestled in the foothills of the Fog Peak Mountains. farming provides a lot of good food, and the hunting brings in a lot of good meat (a favorite dish in town is called Bambi-Stew, and it’s delicious). The town is primarily human, but there is a significant dwarven minority, and really all races are tolerated about equally well. You find yourself in town near the end of Fall, and the town’s Harvest Festival is about to kick off. In the streets you hear songs of harvest, glad-tidings, and a Robin Hood like character, named the Red Raven. The first snows have not yet fallen, though there is a fall chill in the air, and the leaves have all fallen.

Please send me a character concept (sheet too, if you can) by Saturday. Since this is a one-shot, we’ll just assume you’ve come to town for the Festival, your reasoning is your own, though you can certainly spell it out for me if it helps you get in character!

Dates: I will be out of town from the 24th through the 28th. Though I have the whole week after XMas off, so we could get in a day time extended session that week. If we’re getting together before Xmas, then it’ll have to be an evening session. We could theoretically play this game over a couple of sessions, if y’all are interested.


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